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    Lernen – Leben – Arbeiten unter einem Dach
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    Modernste Ausstattung und erfahrene Dozenten
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    Offene Werkstätten für unsere Meisterschüler
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    Ihr Einstieg in die Holzwirtschaft
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    Bildung auf den Punkt gebracht
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    Ein nachwachsender Lehrstoff
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    Wir halten Ihre Karriereleiter
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    Von Profis für Profis


There is no material that offers such as variety as wood: sometimes rigid, sometimes fl exible, sometimes fi ligreed, sometimes very intimate, sometimes very surprising. This material has been in use for thousands of years but is also raw material for the future.

The Holzfachschule in Bad Wildungen offers an unique connection between the reliable tradition and the most modern form of technology. What started 70 years ago as a school for saw mill workers is now one of the leading and most innovative woodworking schools in Europe. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting with your career, or if you are already a knowledgeable master, a sawmillworker, a cabinetmaker, a master of foundry tooling, dealer in wood products, a forestry employee or carpenter, all these professional groups on their different levels of ability meet at the Holzfachschule. They consider it as a fruitful learning and working enviroment that goes beyond the daily learning situations. In this concern there is a positive connection between theory and practice, at the end of day all of the participants do benefi t from it. The success of graduates of all different age groups are the proof of the success of the knowledge transfer by the Holzfachschule. This also shows the growing demand for our know-how as service provider for consultation and project management.

Our center of competence is open to all who have a serious interest in the subject of wood. Regardless of what your plans are for the future, we heartily welcome you to the Woodworking School in Bad Wildungen.



The Woodworking School in Bad Wildungen is the hub for the professional training in the woodworking economy. At this place theory and practice getting together and facilitate a unique learning situation.

Students can achieve the conclusion of their studies in a condensed and goal-oriented way without diversions in a shorter period of time as elsewhere and even with higher qualifi cations. It doesn’t matter if it is your training as an apprentice, a master title, the further education to become a technician, or obtaining extern qualifi cations in specialized seminars and courses, we are here for you. The close association to the woodworking economy, regular fi eldtrips to woodworking companies and the presence of the newest technical equipment are the signifi cant columns of our educational system. We maintain the principle of “open workshops and classrooms” even beyond school sessions. Those people who want to be successful can utilize some facilities outside the regular school hours upon own responsibility. An Instructor or contact person is available for consultation almost around the clock.

The Woodworking School in Bad Wildungen is a fully certifi ed and registered institution according to the AZWV system. All examinations take place on our campus and this allows all students to concentrate fully on training courses.